ALL Precision Rifle Courses are available to be taught in one continuous block.

Police Sniper Rifle Rest / Tripod Utilization Course

“A shot is rarely taken in the prone.”
-Josh Stabler (Hog Saddle)

This is especially true for the Law Enforcement Sniper in an urban or rural environment. The ability to take a shot regardless of the terrain is a powerful tool to have. The DHT LE Tripod Course is designed to familiarize the police sniper with the fundamentals of shooting off of a tripod along with advanced tripod techniques. All of the training is based off of real world scenarios experienced by our cadre in the field. All courses are taught by Law Enforcement Snipers who have intimate knowledge of tripod shooting supported with real world experience.

Classroom & Live Fire Training:

  • Principles of Shooting
  • Fundamentals of Supported Shooting (Standing, Kneeling and Seated)
  • Tripod Shooting (Standing, Kneeling and Seated)
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Training Philosophy and Development
  • Rapid Deployment Drills
  • Spec-rest Intro
  • Advanced Tripod Techniques
  • Vehicle Hide and Overwatch Principles & Techniques
  • Vehicle Hide Engagements
  • Equipment Selection and Acquisition

Price: $750/per student

Mobile Course Requirements:

Minimum course size is 10 students. The mobile course requires classroom facilities and a range with a minimum of 300 yards. Price of course does not include range/facility fees if applicable. These fees can be paid by you or can be negotiated by Dark Horse Tactical and will be added to the course cost. For questions please send an email to

Patrol Designated Marksman

Developed to answer the growing requests of law enforcement agencies nationwide, the Dark Horse Tactical-Patrol Designated Marksman Course (DHT-PDMC) is designed to take the capabilities of your patrol officers to the next level.

This course will qualify your officers with a tool that will work as an entry element optic, as well as a close/medium range system; turning the patrol officer into a precision-capable member of your agency that can act as the missing link between the iron sight/red dot-equipped short-barreled patrol rifle and a precision SWAT sniper weapon system.

The application of a Designated Marksman (DM) optic for any officer can increase accuracy, and the ability to positively identify threats at distance.

If you or your agency has found a need for higher magnification beyond the standard Patrol engagement range of 25 – 75 yds and the skills to use it to its potential, look no further!

Duration: 3 Days
Course Price: $750
For more information and hosting opportunities, email us:


  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Basic Scoped Rifle Fundamentals
  • Optic Selection and Mounting
  • Slings and Application
  • Basic Ballistics
  • Max Point Blank
  • Sight Offset Drills
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Tripods and Application
  • Elevated Heart-rate Drills
  • Qualifications
  • Building and Sustaining a Designated Marksman Program

Required Gear

  • Reliable AR-15 pattern rifle capable of 2 MOA or better accuracy
  • Versatile sling (DO NOT bring the manufacturer supplied sling!)
  • Low variable-power magnified scope (preferably 1x – …x **no greater than 15 power)
  • 4 magazines (20-30 rd capacity)
  • Sturdy range belt or load bearing vest/chest rig capable of storing spare magazines
  • Gas mask (if assigned)
  • Hearing / Eye protection
  • Day pack (small pack to carry during the day containing water, snacks, wash cloth, etc.)
  • Cleaning / Maintenance gear
  • 500 rds of “Duty” ammunition
  • Note taking material
  • Clothing suitable to the climate/weather
  • Footwear suitable to movement and load bearing
  • Specific tools to adjust your scope, etc. if needed

Students should expect moderate physical activity to include running from firing position to firing position with necessary equipment. Shooting from unconventional positions can be mildly strenuous.

For this course, please do not mount your optic onto your rifle until you arrive to training. If you or your agency have purchased a DHT-15 DMR it will be brought to you on the first day of training along with any other equipment purchased from us.

If you or your agency has yet to purchase a DM weapon system, a DHT-15 DMR with optic is available to rent for the course. Additional fees apply.

The Dark Horse Tactical DHT-15 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) can be viewed here:

For Nevada based agencies, this course is Nevada POST certified (NVPOST#P3490002) and is 40hrs. Contact us for pricing.

Sierra 1 Basic Sniper/Counter Sniper Course

This course will cover the following material: Basic & Advanced marksmanship techniques, Equipment set-up, Rifle Sight-in & Data Book Use, Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions, Using Basic Ballistics & gather data to 1000 yards, Scouting, Range Estimation & Field Sketches, Moving Target Engagement, Extreme Angle Shooting, Urban & Vehicle Hide Exercises.
Length: 5 Day
Enrollment: LE/Miltary
Pre-requisite: None
Cost: $900 (Gov/Agency issued ID required)

DHT Advanced Sniper: $500 (2 Days)

This course will cover the following material: Principles of camouflage & Gillie suite construction, Individual movement and route planning, and live fire stalking exercises.
Length: 2 Days
Enrollment: Law Enforcement Only
Pre-requisite: Sierra 1 or basic sniper/counter sniper course
Cost: $500.00 per student

DHT Sniper Instructor Development

This course will cover the following material: Teaching back curriculum, teaching skills to prepare new shooters, writing a sniper training course, coaching techniques and teaching ballistics.

** This course is designed to be run in one continuous block with our Sierra 1 Basic Sniper Course**
Length: 4-5 Days
Pre-requisite: Sierra 1 or basic sniper/counter sniper course
Cost: $1000-1250 per student

ALL Precision Rifle Courses are available to be taught in one continuous block.


We have several Remington 700 sniper systems for rent during any of our courses of instruction for only $50 per day.
Our factory supplied ammunition is required to be used in our rifles. Match-grade ammunition is available at current market prices and will be charged at the end of each course.