Police Sniper Tripod Utilization Course – Mesquite, TX
Aug 17 – Aug 19 all-day

“A shot is rarely taken in the prone.”
– Josh Stabler (Hog Saddle)

This is especially true for the Law Enforcement Sniper in an urban or rural environment. The ability to take a shot regardless of the terrain is a powerful tool to have. The DHT LE Tripod Course is designed to familiarize the police sniper with the fundamentals of shooting off of a tripod along with advanced tripod techniques. All of the training is based off of real world scenarios experienced by our cadre in the field. All courses are taught by Law Enforcement Snipers who have intimate knowledge of tripod shooting supported with real world experience.

Classroom and Live Fire Training

  • Principles of Shooting
  • Fundamentals of Supported Shooting (Standing, Kneeling and Seated)
  • Tripod Shooting (Standing, Kneeling and Seated)
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Training Philosophy and Development
  • Rapid Deployment Drills
  • Spec-rest Intro
  • Advanced Tripod Techniques
  • Vehicle Hide and Overwatch Principles & Techniques
  • Vehicle Hide Engagements
  • Equipment Selection and Acquisition

Class limited to 10 spots. Sign ups and questions need to go through Tacflow Academy at

Patrol Designated Marksman Course – Mesquite, TX
Aug 20 – Aug 22 all-day

Class limited to 10 spots. Click here to buy tickets. Questions go to