Sierra One – Basic LE Sniper/Observer Course @ Pro Gun Club, 12801 Old U.S. 95, South Boulder City, NV 89005
Oct 28 – Oct 31 all-day

Experience the best sniper training and tactical precision rifle techniques taught anywhere! Learn to apply precision shooting skills under any and all conditions, placing emphasis on how to fight with a sniper rifle instead of simply shooting bulls eyes. For experienced shooters, this enhances, reinforces and tests on demand shooting & mental skills.

This is the foundational sniper course on which other courses rely and is, therefore, a prerequisite for some of our sniper courses.

This basic sniper course is designed for new or inexperienced snipers and explains the difference between the military and police sniper, with the primary focus being the training and operation of a police sniper in an urban environment.

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  • Basic & Advanced Marksmanship techniques
  • Equipment set-up, Rifle Sight-in & Data Book Use
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions
  • Using Basic Ballistics & gathering data
  • Scouting, Range Estimation & Field Sketches and stalking techniques
  • Injured Shooter Drills
  • Principals of camouflage & Ghillie suit construction
  • Individual movement & route planning

NV POST Course #P3490001

Any questions please contact us at info@darkhorsetactical702.com or
(702) 333-2523

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